"Apache::SearchEngineLog" is a perl module, written for use with mod_perl, which logs the terms entered in search engines (that lead to your site) into a SQL database for later analysation. Results are saved to an SQL database (mysql is the only one tested, but any database supported by DBI should work), so are recognized domains to minimize the use of regular expressions.. An evaluation script is included as commandline and CGI (mod_perl) version. Virtual hosts are supported and there is the possibility of more than one server logging into the same database. The connections to the database are persistent so minimize the overhead. The only documentation at this point is it's POD and the README.
Newest Version
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.60: The module has been adapted for Apache2 and mod_perl2.
Version History
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.60 (Changes for Apache2/mod_perl2)
  • The code has been adapted to work under Apache2"/"mod_perl2 (Thanks to Damian Doyle and Len Kranendonk)
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.51 (code cleanup)
  • General code cleanup
  • Stable (tested) version
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.50 (major feature enhancements)
  • Recognition of HTTP-Redirects
  • A bug in the code for persistent connections has been fixed
  • The ping-timeout for persistent connections is now configurable
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.40 (minor feature enhancements)
  • Improved persistent connection to the database
  • More debug messages
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.30 (minor bugfixes)
  • First stable version
  • Use indexes in the tables created with the included "createtable.sql"
  • Security issues with "analyse.cgi" have been fixed
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.22 (minor feature enhancements)
  • Improved analysis tools
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.21 (minor bugfixes)
  • Fixes in the Makefile.PL and the POD
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.20 (minor feature enhancements)
  • Support for virtual hosts
  • Requests through google's chace are now handled properly
Apache-SearchEngineLog-0.10 (initial version)
  • Logging into an SQL database
  • Saves configuration in the database
Known Bugs
  • None discovered yet..

by Florian Forster <octo at verplant dot org>
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