German Commission on History of
Geophysics and Cosmical Physics

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Background: Picture of a Noctilucent Cloud


The German Commission for the History includes a very active history commision, founded 2000, and it has been publishing the journal "Communications / Beitraege" since then. "Contributions" is a discussion forum for the history and philosophy of science and specially the geosciences and related disciplines (physics, astronomy, meterology, geology).

A recent issue of the journal, Volume 4 / 2000 "Pathways to Science" deals with autobiographical contributions by leading scientists (e.g. Sir Ian Axford, Syuin-Akasofu, Reimar Luest, Stephen G. Brush, Neville Skinner et. al.). The Commission has been published books on causality, teleology, freedom of will as a problem of natural philosophy, history and philosophy of geophysics, the ether in physics (The discussion between Albert Einstein, Gustav Mie and Emil Wiechert).

Another purpose of the commission is to collect old books and instruments, biographical notes, scientific correspondence, and other items of historical interest. The lives of leading German scientists are also being recorded (Emil Wiechert, Beno Gutenberg, Hans Ertel, Ludger Mintrop, Johann von Lamont, Hermann von Helmholtz etc.)

The commission is open to all interested scientists. To apply membership or obtain the "Communications / Berichte" contact the secretary.