Lightweight Contact Manager - LiCoM


LiCoM is a web-based contact manager backed by an LDAP server and running upon Apache. It doesn't try to be a complete solution for all your communication needs but rather provids editing and other usefull features for an existing LDAP server.


Features as of version 0.2:

Available downloads

Please be aware that all of this is unstable, untested and generally experimental. You have been warned.. ;)

LiCoM development

The development of LiCoM is organized using Git. You can browse the repository online or checkout out the sources with this command:
git clone git://
If you want to contribute changes, please send them as "unified diffs" (using diff -u) or using the standard git-procedure using git-format-patch and git-send-email.
LiCoM was written 2005-2006 by Florian octo Forster <>
All rights reserved