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About this document

Originally this document was aimed at people using larswm, a minimalistic window manager which happends to be my favorite one. There are some issues with larswm and transparent terms which are very strange andi, to the time of this writing, unresolved. I would love to link to the discussion on the mailinglist, but unfortunately it is now hosted by yahoo and they are somehow weird about not letting other users read the list emails and stuff. However, I am now convinced that the problems are unlikely to be caused by larswm so I changed this page to be a bit more general and well, here it is.

This document focuses on aterm which happends to be my favorite terminal emulator (erm, yes, I do get a but personal about software every now and then ;). Another reason would be that it is based on rxvt, just like eterm and wterm, so the configuration of these four is very similar. So if you don't like aterm for whatever reason this site may still be usefull for you.

A sample configuration

The propably best way to configure aterm is via the ~/.Xdefaults or ~/.Xresources file. aterm accepts two classnames for it's configuration: ATerm and XTerm. The following is a simple configuration for people who want to get started fast. A list of some more available resources is below.

aterm*foreground: white
aterm*background: black
aterm*cursorColor: darkgray
aterm*transparent: true
aterm*shading: 30
aterm*font: fixed

With the options listed above you will get a terminal with black background which is 30% transparent, with a white foreground. The font "fixed" is xterm's default which I personally like best.

Other resources

The following list if very incomplete! For the complete list of all resources available please read aterm's manpage.

Links for further reference

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