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Debian Repository

How to access my repository

This is my private little unofficial debian repository. To install software from here add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list. You need to replace distribution with something appropriate, see below.

deb http://verplant.org/debian/ distribution/
deb-src http://verplant.org/debian/ distribution/

For distribution I use the Debian codenames, for example "sarge" and "etch". You can not use the symbolic names "stable", "testing" and so on - I don't like them.

Because I throw into this repository whatever I want to install on one of my machines at that time, you probably want to use "pinning" to only pull the packages you want from the repository. This is the same method used by backports.org, so you can use the backports.org documentation to set this up right.


I've written a small shell script to update my repository automatically. This is outdated and I don't use it (let alone update it) anymore. I keep it here because it's been linked from somewhere and people appear to use it.